You Reached Your Goal, So How Do You Maintain It

You worked hard, put in the time, stayed consistent and finally reached your #bodygoals. So what do you do now? Check out these tips on how to maintain your new physique.

Once a goal is reached, it is common for some people to take their foot off the gas and let loose – taking a (big) step back on their nutrition and exercise routines. We are going to provide some tips in three areas where we see is the most troublesome regarding this issue: Nutrition, Exercise and Alcohol Consumption.


  • We all like to indulge in our share of eating out, and some more than others. However, there is a educated way to pick a healthy option off the menu. Aim for the items that include what you would have in your meal plan at home. Also, do not be afraid to customize your order. Leave out all the ingredients that you know you shouldn’t be eating!
  • Do not skip meals. This may sound trivial but skipping meals can easily lead to setbacks by consuming too many calories during subsequent meals. Even if it’s a small snack, having a set eating schedule will help avoid binges and cravings.
  • Stay hydrated. Being hydrated helps in two areas of maintenance: water retention and avoiding cravings. When your body is well hydrated, it will hold less water inside. This will help your muscles be more defined, and ultimately, more visible.


  • Consistency. It is critical to keep your exercise routine as similar as possible to what got you to your goal. This is true for both intensity and frequency. As a matter of fact, you should think about increasing the intensity. You had so much success with these methods, so why deviate!
  • If you find yourself losing motivation because you’ve already reached your goal, then find yourself a training partner. In our previous blog, Having a training partner that is on the same or high level than you will keep you motivated and accountable.

Alcohol Consumption:

If you can avoid alcohol then stay away, but let’s be realistic. For most people, that will not happen, and that is OK. Enjoy life.

  • What a lot of people aren’t mindful of when drinking alcohol is all of the extra sugar calories that you are consuming when ordering a mix drink. Fruit juices and sodas have a ton of sugar in it. This can add up during a long night of partying, or over a longer period of time when you are going out consistently. Find a drink that tastes good neat (no ice), on the rocks, or with a diet/club soda (having a diet soda every now and then isn’t bad for you). I know some people may not want to be that girl or guy who is ordering a Jack and Diet Coke at the bar. But if someone gives you a weird stare, just ask them “Do you even lift?”
  • Hydration plays an important role here as well. Alcohol will make your body dehydrated, so in the days following, your body will tend to hold onto more water than usual. If your water intake is consistent then your body will adjust back to its normal state soon after. You can increase your water intake on the days that you know you will be drinking. You can do this by either drinking extra water before you go to bed or first thing in the morning.

If you take these suggestions into consideration and actually apply them, keeping your transformed body will not be an issue. Who wants to start back at square one next year anyway? Stay lean my friends.