5 Health Issues that Disproportionately Affect the Black Community

Due to genetics, lack of healthcare, and racism, black people are largely affected by deadly diseases. But there are ways you can prevent these diseases through exercise and healthy nutrition.

1. Diabetes
To lower your risk of getting diabetes, start looking at your diet and what
you are putting into your body. Nutrition is an integral part of reducing your risk for this disease, but also physical activity is equally important. Exercise can lower your blood glucose, strengthens your heart, and can also relieve stress. Aerobic exercise of any kind will see fir as long as you are moving and strengthening your body.

2. High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure is a significant health issue in the black community and can lead to heart disease. A great way to prevent or lower high blood pressure is through aerobic exercise. Whatever works for you is an excellent start to reducing your risk. You can walk, jog, bike ride, swim, or even dance. Some aerobic physical activity is what you need to increase your heart and breathing rate to better regulate your blood pressure.

3. Breast Cancer
Black women are about 20-40% more likely to die from breast cancer than
white women. To lower your risk of getting breast cancer, you can take a few steps at the gym. Exercise can reduce your risk since it lowers estrogen levels, decreases body fat percentage, and strengthens your immune system. High estrogen and body fat percentage lead to the risk of getting breast cancer, but if you take precautionary measures, this risk will be significantly reduced.

4. Heart Disease
Too many black people are dying young because of heart attacks and
disease. There are plenty of ways to prevent heart disease. Like all others, keep a heart-healthy diet and get enough exercise daily to regulate your heart and breathing. Another way to prevent heart disease is to manage stress. Too often in the black community, we ignore stress and our mental health which can, in turn, affect our physical health. Practice self-care in all facets to reduce your risk for such diseases.

5. Cervical Cancer
Two of the many risk factors for cervical cancer are being overweight and
having a diet low in fruits and vegetables. In order to reduce your risk for cervical cancer, change your diet and incorporate a workout plan for yourself even if it is only 30 minutes a day. Don’t tell yourself you do not have time, because you should always make time for yourself and your health.