Top Fitness Gadgets of 2019

You won’t want to go without these. The best fitness gadgets to improve your health and fitness this year!

1 . Ozmo Smart Active Cup

If you struggle with keeping your hydration up, then this gadget is perfect for you. This is no ordinary water bottle as it helps to keep you hydrated by tracking your water consumption and hydration progress throughout the day. The bottle even syncs with Fitbits so you can further track your progress post-workout.

2. Fitbit

A classic fitness tool. We all know that this handy too wraps around your wrist like a watch and tracks your fitness progress. Anyone that likes to see physical numbers and the results of their workout should invest in a Fitbit or some fitness tracker. It keeps you motivated by tracking your weight, food, activity and even sleep so you can always stay focused on your goals.

3. Tangram Smart Rope

This is a great tool for another activity tracker. This smart jump rope, unlike ordinary jump ropes, tracks your activity as you jump. The rope shows your jump count as you jump in mid-air. It displays up to four digits so you can keep track of your activity during your workout.

4. NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender

This Smart Blender is not like your plain blender as it has Bluetooth sensors and connects to your NutriBullet app. Once you link the blender to your app, the app can tell you just how much nutritional value is in your smoothie. This is perfect for keeping track of how you eat throughout the day.

5. Skulpt

This gadget is something we all need as it is able to track our fat loss and muscle gain at the same time. Too many times are people discouraged from working out when they see they are gaining weight, not realizing that they may be losing fat and gaining muscle in the process. This tool can measure your fat and muscle mass in your body, changing your perspective on your workout.