Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Still can’t fit into your favorite jeans? Here’s why.

It seems like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to shake the weight. You exercise and maybe eat right but you still struggle with your weight. There may be some underlying reasons why you aren’t losing weight.

One of the more surprising reasons is that you may be overeating healthy foods. Just because a food has fewer calories, that does not mean you can eat more of it. Portions are still a factor even when the choice is healthier. Although eating a bag of nuts is better than eating a bag of chips, the nuts are still packed with fat and calories, and you should try to stick to the recommended serving size. In addition to overeating, you may be keeping on the pounds because you stay up late which leads to snacking and overeating. Sometimes when we are tired, we tend to confuse hunger with our sleepiness. Instead of staying up late snacking, just go to bed to let your body rest.

You may also keep some weight on because you are stressed. Your mental health affects your physical health and stress can cause you to have constant feelings of hunger, leading to overeating. So, make sure you are taking care of yourself physically, but also mentally. Your overall wellness is the key to losing stubborn weight.

You may not be seeing your hard work at the gym pay off either because you are relying on your workout too much. In other words, you only focus on your exercise but do not pay much attention to your diet. Instead of eating whatever you want throughout the day and then trying to burn it all off at the gym, make a conscious effort to watch what you are eating, and your workout will go a long way. While you are at the gym make sure you have plenty of water and a low-calorie sports drink after to replaced electrolytes that you lost during your workout for a better recovery. Make sure you are drinking water outside the gym as well because staying hydrated can keep you full and decrease cravings.

    These are some of the main reasons you may be keeping on the weight, but as long as you take better overall care of yourself and be more mindful, you should begin to shed the pounds.