How to Maintain Your Beach Body This Summer

Summer is coming sooner than we thought and we have been working long and hard since we started our 2019 New Year’s Resolution. Once you’ve reached a size or body that you like, it can be easy to slip right into old traps and end up in starting all over in January 2020. So, here are a few ways that you can avoid that summer temptation and keep your body in shape all summer long.

It’s vacation and barbecue season, and you are going to find it hard to turn down a little fun in the sun. But, make sure that you can watch yourself and turn down extra food that you don’t need by paying attention to your portions. I know when you’re having fun, you can easily lose track of the amounts you are eating. But remember these extra portions can add up. So, you can avoid overeating by watching how much you eat on vacation and at the family barbecue. Another rule of thumb to prevent eating extra food is to never show up to the barbecue super hungry. Everything will look delicious, and you will put yourself at risk for overeating. Always make sure to eat a light and healthy snack before going to the summer cookout.

The hot sun during summer months can make it easy for us to crave ice cold sugary drinks or soft-serve ice cream. While that sounds delicious, the sugar and calories will just add up and throw you off track from your health and fitness journey. Instead of drinking cold sodas and ice cream, substitute those for a tasty and healthier option! Break out the blender and make some delicious fruit smoothies after spending a day in the hot sun. If you want it to feel more like ice cream, you can even make some delicious smoothie bowls and add some fresh fruit.

One of the best things you can do this summer is to take advantage of the nice weather. Instead of staying in the house on the weekends, liven up your day and your workout by heading to the swimming pool or the park. It’s nothing like going to the pool on a hot summer day. Not only will you cool off, but will also keep your body active during the day. If you’re not into swimming, head to the park with the kids and throw a Frisbee, play catch, or have a relay race. The point is to make sure that you keep yourself active throughout the summer to stay in shape.

Enjoy summer because it always slips away too fast, but remember to keep these tips in mind so you can keep enjoying you and your body all year long.