How Shermica Became the Sokanista of Soka Tribe!

GrpFit got the chance to talk to the creator of the festive Soka Tribe. Influencer Shermica Farquhar shared how she got started on the Soka Tribe journey, her motivation to staying in shape, her proudest achievement, and her advice to women!

Shermica Farquhar has always been connected to her Caribbean roots, being Trinidadian has played a big role in her life and has spurred her passion for her culture to create the Soka Tribe Carnival experience through her dance workouts and all the way to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.🇹🇹

For Shermica, the beginning of her journey was a little different from most influencers; “It was more of a cultural journey and being able to connect and inspire others” Shermica says. She was focused on having a genuine connection with people who want to feel free and welcoming them into the Carnival community. 

Shermica’s motivation for staying in shape has been based on the impact that she has had on others and making it an enjoyable experience. Her dance movements create a space for her to not stress about calorie counting but to satisfy herself by how much fun she has and her ability to express herself through the music. 

Check out our Sokanista getting down!

Shermica says that “The mission of Soka Tribe is to bring the carnival vibe wherever they go and to tell the story of carnival”. When asked when people hear the name “Soka Tribe”, what does she want people to think, she said she wants them to think about “a positive welcoming place where someone can be free, [..]exercise their freedom, express themselves, [and] going out of your comfort zone [by] trying something new.” Shermica says that Soka Tribe stands for quality,  authentic freedom, and self-expression. 

With so many accomplishments, we had to ask about her proudest achievement. Starting off 4 years ago, the thought of taking her class to Carnival seemed so far fetched but in 2018, her wish came true. She was able to bring the Soka Tribe all the way to Trinidad and Tobago to get a first-hand experience of the Caribbean fun. 

In addition, Shermica shared her most exciting achievement where in 2018, she did a fitness workout at the Ojo Fit Finale and performed at halftime for the Wizard’s game with the King of Soca, also known as Machel Montano!

Being a woman and loving who you are is what Shermica stands for. Her advice for all women is to accept themselves and remembering that they are perfectly made. She believes that women should always work towards being a better you and to remember that “you have the power to help you.” With being so confident in her own skin, we asked if she had always been confident in carnival costumes. “I have not always gone on the road and felt comfortable in my own skin […either] I gain a couple of pounds [or] I looked a little too small [ …but] I know that when I get on the road I am going to be in a space where I am supposed to feel freely expressed […] and I don’t want to rob myself of the experience” says Shermica.

Shermica shared that she wants people to leave remembering the carnival culture as a place that offers a warm welcome, a fight for freedom, and telling your story through creative costumes and dances.

Shermica’s 2018 Carnival costume. Shermica and her father designed the look inspired by the genre Fancy Indian.

What’s a typical day like before carnival begins? “Up early for makeup, enough primer, fannypack, emergency clips, eye drops [..] you’d be surprised how much you can put in a boot!” says Shermica. Taking fabulous pictures before hitting the road and eating a good breakfast is part of her day before all the fun festivities happen.

Shermica shared her favorite music that inspires and influences her choreography, “the lyrics are what hit me hard to freely dance and tell my story”. Check out Cheers to life by Voice, Kings & Queens by Sekon Sta, and No Weapon by LFS.

With Shermica’s dedication and creativity, there is no limit to what she can do. Her vision to bring awareness of the carnival culture and motivation to impact others through expression and confidence building is already being accomplished.

Check out our very own Sokanista’s virtual class “Soca Fitness” on the GrpFit app. For more information on Soka Tribe, check out the link: