Yoga Guru Stephanne Foster Steps into GrpFit

Yoga Influencer Stephanne Foster stepped into GrpFit this week:

Stephanne Foster is the amazing creator of Bodies & Motion Movement & Wellness. Stephanne shared with us her yoga journey, family, and why yoga is beneficial for people within the Black community. 

Stephanne’s yoga journey started off after being sick during her pregnancy. She wanted to try something new that would cater to her body’s needs so yoga became just that for her. Today yoga serves as her passion, joy, and now career! She feels compelled to bring awareness to others of the many yoga opportunities and its overall health benefits. 

Her motivation to staying fit has been driven by seeing the changes in her body, and how strong and flexible she has become since doing yoga. The same results are reflected in her students. She shared that she is constantly motivated by how her “students light up and the confidence they [build].” Yoga soon became something that she desired to teach those within the Black community. “Its something that tends to miss our community […] It’s not linear… you can be creative with whatever music moves you” says Stephanne. Bodies & Motion Movement & Wellness care about the well being of people and being genuine about everything they do. Good vibes only is the mindset.

With the mission of impacting others in a positive way, we asked Stephanne about her proudest achievement. She shared that her proudest achievement has been the birth of her son. Being a mom changed her perspective on life and love; “there is a greater love and separate set of feelings that people are not aware of,” she expressed. After the birth of her son, she had to learn how to love her body, “[I had to ] re-learn and re-love [myself] again” she said!

We also asked her about her thoughts on taking medicine over the counter versus natural medicines (herbs)? She believes that holistic wellness is a great way to get healed but that over the counter medicine serves as a purpose for those who have certain needs. “We need to get back to natural remedies. We have been dependent on what doctors say” said Stephanne. She even discussed the importance of veganism and having more of a natural diet/lifestyle for your body type.

GrpFit wanted to know what stretches does she suggest for beginners who want to be more flexible. The forward fold and the pigeon pose are great stretches that help with anxiety, lower back pain, and the hips by releasing tension and detoxing you emotionally. Stephanne expressed why yoga is essential to our health and that it not only focuses on physical but on the spiritual and mental health side. She says that “[yoga is] a full body experience.” 

With so much knowledge on yoga, we wanted to know what the process of obtaining her certification in kinesiology taping therapist was like. She started off as a yoga teacher and wanted to have her own wellness and yoga studio. The wellness side was to do bodywork to help people in many areas such as geriatrics, pediatrics, and sports therapy to help with cases not too severe. She did not want to go back to school, so she started researching kinesiology taping therapist and looking at who it can benefit. She fell in love with the fact that it can help the majority of the population. Kinesiology taping therapist is able to help with things like pediatrics toe walkers or someone who had just had a stroke. Having her certification in this and being a yoga instructor, allows her to do bodywork on injuries or painful areas while her clients build their strength doing her yoga courses. You can go directly to her without the high expense of going to a doctor.

Stephanne goal of bringing yoga to the black community and educating people on the many health benefits has already started and will continue to thrive with her hard work and motivation.

Check out our talented and amazing instructor Stephanne’s new virtual class called “Hip Hop Yoga” on the GrpFit app. For more information on Bodies & Motion Movement & Wellness please check out the link: and follow her journey on Instagram at