Meet Jennine, Caribbean Inspired Fitness Influencer​

This week GrpFit got the chance to talk to the incredible dancehall influencer, Jenny Jam Fitness who shared her life, her passion for helping others, and the biggest challenge she had to overcome.

Jennine started dancing at the age of 7 and in college, she became the president of a dance organization on campus. She created all the choreography for many genres of dance. After college, she stopped pursuing dance and gained weight. She realized she needed to be more active with her physical health so she started to attend a dance class and it reminded her of her first love again. This inspired Jennine to teach her very own class. Being Jamaican has played a big role in her life and has spurred her passion for her culture to create Jenny Jam Fitness. Her Jamaican roots inspired her to incorporate Caribbean music and afro beats. Jennine strives to bring the Jamaican vibe to her students in each class. 🇯🇲

Jennine shared that her mission and focus is “to help people stay happy and learn how to [workout] in a fun way that will keep them motivated and consistent.” When people hear about Jenny Jam Fitness, she wants them to think of “something that brings joy in a way that keeps people happy and healthy through fitness.” Jenny Jam Fitness serves as a welcoming place that allows you to be free and escape from your problems as you have fun taking care of your body. Jenny Jam Fitness stands for health, happiness, and community.

We asked her what was the most challenging thing she had to overcome and she shared openly that it was transitioning from New Jersey to California. Adjusting to the time zones and not being able to connect with her loved ones was hard for Jennine. She also mentioned that growing her business all over again, figuring her way around, and creating new relationships overwhelmed her and led her to feel depressed at times. Jennine’s workout classes eventually became the key component to nourishing her growth and establishing herself in the community. Jenny Jam Fitness allowed her to connect with people, develop new friendships, and leave an impact on her students. Her proudest achievement is not only seeing her students leave happy but by how much Jenny Jam Fitness has changed her life and made her a better person.

We had the chance to ask what her creative process is like when creating a new dance workout routine. “Depends on the vibe of a song and if I can have fun with it. I have to be able to listen to it 20 times to make sure I will still enjoy teachig to it overe and over” says Jennine. She considers everyone when creating a new dance so if you’re at a beginner in Dancehall, don’t worry she’s got your back.

Since Jennine is so talented and creative, we asked her what dance genre does she wish she was fluent at. She said contemporary has always been something that she’s liked and how she really loves the movements. Her dream choreographer to work with is Sonya Tayeh from the famous show “So You Think You Can Dance?” Jennine loves Sonya Tayeh style of dancing and thinks she is extremely creative.

Jennine also shared her most memorable class. “It was the first time I had an outdoor class, so many people showed up,” said Jennine. Even people who were walking by decided to join the class because of how much fun it looked. Jennine was even offered a teaching position at a gym because of the impact it had on the community.

With so much ambition and character, Jennine will continue to impact many through her creativity and vision to bring both fun and joy to fitness!

Check out our talented and amazing instructor Jennine’s new virtual class called “Dancehall Fitness” on the GrpFit app. For more information on Jenny Jam Fitness, check out the link: