10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Start each day with a protein-rich breakfast.

Eating a breakfast that contains protein (as well as healthy fats) is a great way to ensure you are starting the day off right.

2. Bang out an hour of intervals per week.

Adding in some high-intensity intervals on the treadmill, rowing machine or bike can really help with your body composition by incinerating fat and revealing some of that hard-earned muscle definition.

3. Do some late night visualization.

Taking some time to visualize your success, whether in the gym, in the classroom, or on the playing field will actually result in you being more successful in those areas.

4. Work on your weaknesses.

Working on the things that you need and aren’t very good at is the fastest way to improve movement, performance and body composition.

5. Toss out the process foods.

Your doctor and your abs will be happy you did.

6. Pay attention to rest periods.

Rest periods are among the most overlooked aspects of training. Yet they are critical to your results if your goals involve getting bigger or losing fat. So keep an eye on the clock.

7. Keep a gratitude journal.

Stress drives up the hormone cortisol which leads to a nice layer of flab on your lower belly. Gratitude journals have been proven to reduce stress levels which, in turn, can help you develop those “V abs” you’ve always been after.

8. Get some soft tissue work.

As you progress and become a more experience lifter, adding things like sports massage, myo-fascial release and foam rolling to your routine become more and more critical to your longevity and performance.

9. Seek out a great training partner.

A training partner can help push you harder, keep you accountable and may just make training more fun.

10. Consistently shoot for 8 hours of sleep.

Getting enough sleep ensures that you are optimizing the anabolic hormonal responses that occur while you’re laying under the sheets. Remember all your gains come while you are recovering from your training session.