Unconventional, Yet Fun, Ways to Exercise

Looking for ways to exercise other than the traditional way? The possibilities are endless with these fun ways to get your body moving!

Some of us can get a little bored with the traditional routine of going to the gym, doing some cardio, lifting some weights, and going home. There are a few different ways to sweat and get your body moving without just doing the traditional routine. Instead, the next time you go to the gym ask for the workout class schedule and see what options they have. Or even further than that, look online and search for some classes that they are having at a dance studio. Not only will you get your exercise in for the day but you could also learn a new skill.

Some great ways to exercise include dance classes. A few examples include pole-dancing, hip-hop dance, twerk fitness, and Zumba. Zumba and hip hop dance classes are pretty common amongst gym goers. But let’s look at the seemingly taboo forms of exercising. At first glance, pole dancing seems very risqué, however, pole dancing class is a great way for you to get some upper body strength. Make this activity fun and invite all your friends to come with you. It will probably be hilarious and you will have a great time while strengthening your body.

Another exercise dance class that has taken the world by storm is twerk fitness. While twerking seems like something you just do at parties or at the club, it is actually a great form of exercise. I know that may seem ridiculous but think about how tired you were after twerking at a party. So, if you are looking to tone your butt and have some fun with your friends, sign up for a twerk fitness class. While you burn calories and tone and lift your butt, you will also learn how to sharpen your twerking skills.

Another way to exercise could be boxing for those of us who are not too into dancing. Boxing is a great way to burn calories because you are constantly moving the entire time. Boxing is super fun and keeps you engaged the whole time. You will never get bored because of its fast-paced nature. They have boxing classes at gyms all the time and you can use boxing to get out any frustrations or stress that has piled on throughout the week. In one session of boxing, you can burn as much as 800 calories. While you burn calories, you can also learn some new skills in boxing and maybe even some self-defense skills.

Use these fun exercise classes to keep your body engaged and to take a break from the traditional ways of exercising. Sharpen your twerking and pole dancing skills or get some training in self-defense for a change. Just remember, do what works for you and where you have the most fun.