5 Tips to Stay Healthy On-The-Go

Do you have a busy schedule, travel a lot, or feel like you don’t have enough time to hit the gym? Here are some tips you can try to keep up your health and fitness routine even when you’re on the go.

  1. Meal Prep

This is for all the people that leave the house early in the morning and who don’t come home until late at night. I know it can be a struggle for you to stay in shape because instead of cooking you can just pick up a quick bite at a fast food restaurant. While this may be convenient, it is not the best option when trying to lose weight. Instead of buying fast food, you can save money, time, and calories by meal prepping. Pick a day out of the week where you can prep your meals for every day of the week. Maybe Sundays can be your day. Season all your meats, cut up your veggies, and put them in the fridge so they are already prepared to be cooked for later in the week.

2. At Home Workouts

If you do not have time to hit the gym, at home workouts are perfect for you. Whether you are traveling for business or just don’t have time to go, you can do plenty of workouts in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. Now that the GrpFit app has the new Workouts feature, working out at home is easier than ever. You can do your cardio with jumping jacks, jump rope, and mountain climbers, and do strength training with pushups, weighted squats, and much more. You do not need a gym to stay in shape. All you need is the motivation and willpower to stay active no matter how busy your schedule may be.

3. Plan Ahead!

If you know that you will be traveling for work or going on vacation, you have to plan ahead of time. If you are on vacation especially, it can be difficult to eat right because we tend to indulge on vacation. However, when you travel, make sure to track what you are eating in a food journal in writing or on your phone to stay aligned with your goals. Make smart choices and plan what you are going to eat ahead of time to stay on track. Drink water with your meals if you eat out, so you won’t drink away your calories. When traveling for work and you have a business lunch, make sure to order something that your body will thank you for later and try not to order the meal packed with calories.

4. Pack Snacks

Do not let yourself go hungry throughout the day. Make sure you bring at least a few healthy snacks for yourself. Whether that be a banana, a rice cake, or protein bar. You need to eat to lose weight, contrary to some beliefs. You should have some snacks in between your meals to keep up your metabolism.

5. Drink Water

At the very least, drink water while you are on the go. Keep your system clean and drink water throughout the day. You will stay hydrated and this will also reduce your cravings and hunger. If you need to carry a gallon of water around with you, then do that to ensure that you are drinking enough water. Limit the amount of juice and soda you drink and substitute those choices with water. Next time you head to the vending machine, select water instead of Coke. I know it can be easy to just drink soda and juice during a long day but trust me, the water will keep you much more hydrated and energized than sugary sodas.