6 Pre-Workout Mistakes

Here’s what you’re doing wrong before your workout.

  1. No Warm-Up
    Sometimes we want to get right to the main event that we don’t even warm up. You want to warm up to get your muscles moving to prevent any strain on your muscles during intense exercise. It’s also great to get into the zone, so you are motivated to have a strong workout.
  2. Improper Warm-Up
    Many of us do light cardio of some sort before going into our workouts. However, it is better to do a warm-up for the muscles that you will be working out for that day. You want to go ahead and get those muscles ready for the more intense exercise that’s to come. If you are doing light cardio before weight lifting, you may catch yourself off guard. Instead, start doing a light set of weight lifting to warm up your muscles then ease into the heavier lifting.
  3. Too Much Fuel
    Right before you came to the gym, you ate a huge meal that has left you full. You want to give your body enough time to digest your food and get some fuel before you hit your workout. If you eat before, your body is focused on digesting the food giving you low energy and you may even get a stomach cramp if you are too full. Always wait for your food to digest before working out.
  4. No Plan
    Don’t show up to the gym with no plan for the day because you will not have used your precious time wisely. Make a plan for the day whether that’s leg day, abs day, or HIIT day. You want to have a clear focus to maximize your workout time. To be even more organized, plan out the week and keep this consistent schedule, so you do not fall behind and always have a plan. If you have a plan, you a more likely to stick to that than going to the gym with no goal in mind.
  5. Not Enough Fuel
    You skipped eating all day before your workout leaving you hungry before, during, and after your workout. You could feel low on energy during your workout since your body does not have enough fuel and you won’t get the best out of your workout. Also, this may increase your chance of overeating after your workout.
  6. Skipping the Stretch
    I know your time is precious and sometimes you want to just jump right into the workout. However, if you fail to do this critical part of your routine, you can increase your risk of injury or strain during your workout. It is important to note that we are talking about dynamic stretching here instead of static stretching. Dynamic stretching is more beneficial because you are actively warming up the muscles you intend to use in your workout. Static stretching may do more harm than good prior to exercise due to overstretching of your muscles. This may lead to an increase chance of injury during an intense workout. However, you can do your typical static stretching routine after your workout to help with the recovery of your muscles.