Your Guide to an Awesome Meal Prep

Meal prep can be a chore. Here’s your weekly guide to a perfect and stress-free meal prep.

1. Pick Your Prep Day

One of the best tips to point out for an organized meal prep is to pick your day. One of the hardest parts about meal prepping is consistency. If you pick a day specifically dedicated to your meal prep, then you are more likely to do it. Most people like to pick Sunday because it is a pretty chill day and you may not have much to do. But if that chill day for you is in the middle of the week, then make that your day. Whatever day you choose, just make sure you always meal prep on that day to stay consistent with your schedule.

2. Write it Out

Instead of just waiting until meal prep day to figure out what you are going to prepare, plan ahead and write out what you want to eat for the week. Write out your meals day by day for the week and all the ingredients you will need. Write out the portions and if you will need to know if you have to go to the store ahead of time. It’s best to just stay organized.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Stocked

Always keep your cabinets and fridge stocked with ingredients you always need, no matter what you are cooking. Things that you typically cook in batches such as beans or rice should always be in your kitchen because you know that you will probably use them more than once each week. It’s best to already have it, so you are prepared.

4. Always Have Go-To’s

Have your Go-To meals when you know you are approaching a busy week. Even on a not-so-busy week, just make it easier on yourself to have a quick and easy meal to prepare. The Go-To meal will always come in handy when you are not feeling it or just can’t find the time.

5. Prep Meals with Similar Ingredients

This is a great tip to ease the stress you have about meal preps. For example, if most of your meals for the week have beans or broccoli, then you can just go ahead and prepare it for the whole week, to knock out a few meals with one prep. This is great for people who have really busy schedules. You can maybe cut down your meal prep time in half with this tip.

6. Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are perfect for your meal preps because you can keep food fresh longer. Frozen fruits and vegetables are perfect, so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates. If you use frozen foods, you know that you can have it longer and don’t have to worry about buying them so often. For your morning smoothies, use frozen fruits and vegetables to save yourself money on produce and time for less grocery store runs.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Leftovers

This tip is great especially for those with little ones! Leftovers are perfect so you do not have to prep as much for the week, but you have something to eat for the whole week. So make a large batch of one of your favorite meals that can last the whole week for you and the family.

8. Portion It Out

Portion out your ingredients for your meal prep, so it is easier for you when it’s time to cook it. You will thank yourself later since you won’t have to do any measuring the day of. Just have it in the fridge ready to go, saving you so much time.

9. Organize Your Prep

This may seem like too much or an extra step, but it is essential to organize your preps to prevent any future confusion. Label your Tupperware by day and what meal you are using it for. It will make your life so much easier if you know what all those containers in your fridge mean. Once you are ready to cook, grab and go.