Best Foods to Cleanse Your Body

Don’t look for an expensive store-bought detox, check your fridge for all the foods you need for a natural detox.

“Spa” Lemon Water
You know the water you drink when you are waiting for your appointment in the relaxation room? Yea, that water. Turns out this drink is great for cleansing your body of toxins. This water typically has lemon and cucumber in it, but you can spice it up and add more slices of your favorite fruit to give it a more refreshing taste. Keeping your bottle full of this water will not only keep you full but also energized throughout your day

This leafy green is perfect for adding to the side of your main dish or put in your morning smoothie. Spinach can lower your appetite, decreasing those annoying cravings throughout the day. Spinach is a delicious green to keep your body clean and to also help you shed some pounds.

Wild Caught Salmon
Wild caught salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids perfect for a detox. These fatty acids help promote the flow of cleansing blood throughout the body to your arteries and vital organs. Not only is salmon going to cleanse your body, but it also is low on calories and will aid in weight loss. And as a plus, salmon tastes great and is the perfect entrée at the end of your day.

Blackberries are antioxidant-rich fruits that are also filled with fiber. These delicious and sweet fruits can decrease inflammation in your body, helping you lose weight overall. Have a bowl of berries with a side of oats in the morning to start your day of right with a hearty and cleansing breakfast.

This excellent source of fiber is a great food for a your detox. Oats are also an anti-inflammatory which can help prevent diseases such as diabetes. Oatmeal topped with some delicious fruits is a great breakfast meal when trying to cleanse your body.