Having a Hard Time Beating your Soda/Pop Addiction?

Well GrpFit’s Got your back. 💯😉

Just like any other bad habit, you need to find the root of your addiction. Why do you crave soda? When do you grab a drink of soda? What were you just doing or feeling before you grabbed your soda? Recognizing these cues are going to help you beat your habit. Here are 5 steps to breaking your soda/pop habit this summer.

  1. Recognizing Your Soda Triggers.
  • Were you thirsty, tired, stressed out, or just bored? 
  • Well, these are some cues to help you identify what happens when you go into your soda binge. Often times people look for comfort in something that brings them temporary happiness. Sugar does that for YOU in a can called soda. 
  • The first step to recognizing your soda triggers is to use an index card and carry it around for a week. Every time you get a soda craving, write down 2 things: 
    1. What were you feeling? 
    2. What were you just doing? 
  • This will provide awareness of what sets off your soda habit. 

2. Make a Decision today.

  • You are already considering this decision because your reading this article. I encourage you to be bold this summer and say no to the things that hold you back from being at your healthiest.

3. Get Rid of the Soda…Yes ALL of it!

  • If you want to beat this dangerous soda habit, then you have to be the bigger person to end this relationship with soda. It is what’s best for you and your overall health. 
  • Go through your fridge, your cabinets, and throughout your house to introduce every last ounce of soda to the sink.

4. Keep Water on You.

  • Keep drinks like water around you at all times. Doing so allows you to create the habit of drinking water! That way you don’t leave yourself with the excuse, “I’m thirsty”. Make water your best friend, I promise you will not regret it. 

5. Fight the Temptation!!!!

  • You can do anything you put your mind to. Now this won’t be the easiest task but it will be rewarding so persevere. Once you begin the habit of saying no to soda, you start to see how much power you have when your mind is stronger than your temptations. 

We believe in YOU and we can not wait to hear about your breakthrough.