10 Small Steps that Lead to a Healthier You!

January, February, March, April, and May have all been trial runs, but June is your month to start the summer off right. Here are 10 small steps to help you with your health goals. Maintaining good health is not only essential but necessary to becoming a better you.

1. Say Goodbye to Process Food. ✌🏽

Ditch the fast food, Hawaiian rows, pasta, chips, and cereal. Not only will you be saving money because you’re eating at home, but you could possibly be adding years to your life. A good practice is to start meal prepping. Set a designated day out of the week to cook your meals.

2. Get the Rest you Deserve!!!! 😴

You deserve to be well rested for the new day ahead, so don’t hold back on your precious 7 hours of sleep.

3. No more Tupperware. 

Did you know that when plastic is exposed to heat (or warm foods), chemicals leach into your food? Glass containers are much more safe, durable, eco-friendly, and will last you longer.

4. Exercise!💪🏾

You don’t have to run in a marathon, but you want to at least start off with going on walks every day, or if your more on the adventurous side, go rock climbing! Find something that you like that allows you to stay fit and happy.

5. Create a Weekly Meal Plan.🍱

Now that you are cooking your own meals, start creating a delicious nutritious menu for the week ahead.

6. Eat your Breakfast!🍽

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and will give you the energy you need for the first few hours of your day.

7. Eat one extra fruit or vegetable a day. 🍍🥝

Your body will thank you later!

8. Meditate!🧠

Start and end your day with meditation, it will reduce your stress.

9. Lay off the Red Meat and Eat more Fish

Eating fish is good for the heart❤️, brain🧠, and the waistline.

10. Stop Drinking your Calories… Sorry NOT sorry!❌

Limit your alcohol and soda intake.